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What Our Patients Say…

Dr. Dowdy takes it as the highest compliment when his patients share their positive experiences. Please read some testimonials from Dr. Dowdy’s patients.

“After years of sleepless nights due to painful hands & fingers, Dr. Dowdy performed carpal tunnel endoscopy on both of my wrists. I was surprised to be back to work in a week and back to playing tennis in three weeks. I demand excellence and I found it in Dr. Dowdy!”

James Scanlan,
Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel Surgery

“I was having a lot of pain and a hard time getting around because I never knew when my leg was going to give-out. Doing things around the house and even getting in and out of a car was a challenge. Now it’s wonderful! I get around fine and I have no pain. It’s great!”

Mary Donovan,
Hip Replacement

“Before I went to Dr. Dowdy, I used to lie in bed every evening and would cry because my knees hurt so bad. Someone mentioned Dr. Dowdy to me, so I went to see him and we decided to do both knees on the same day. When I woke up from surgery, both of my knees were done and that afternoon two girls came in the room and told me that I was going to walk. I never believed I would be walking the same day I had surgery, but I did!”

“I have no problems and no pain and this surgery was done four years ago. I can do anything; I can walk several miles a day and am thankful that I have no more problems with my knees.”

George Baumbach,
Knee Replacements